5 Awesome Web Design Trends 2021

5 Awesome Web Design Trends 2021

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2020 saw many businesses migrate to a digital-only world, albeit for 18 months. This time meant that the world of web design was able to evolve to people with different perspectives building websites and seeing what was available to them when using different editors. Many people used the time to sharpen their skills, so decent web designers became better; good designers evolved to a higher tier. As these developers became more skilled, we saw a rise in the amount of interactive and engaging websites that were a feast for the eyes. If you haven't been keeping an eye on different trends that came about over the past year, don't worry. We will cover 5 web design trends for you to consider in 2021, helping your website design be as engaging as possible.

5 Web Design Trends 2021

  1. 3D visuals
  2. Parallax design
  3. Interactive Storytelling
  4. Customised cursors
  5. Cartoon Illustrations

3D visuals

As technology progresses, what was higher end starts to become the norm. Due to this, everyday consumers can have much higher resolution screens on their phones or their monitors. You can see different sites use 3D visuals in their web design to give the feeling of more depth on the website while giving the website a very interactive interface for users to engage with. Find a website here that uses 3d visuals to grab your attention and get you clicking through the website. You don't need to go into that level of detail, but adding a 3d visual into your overall website design can allow the consumer to engage with the product and get a feel for the different parts if done right. 3D visuals are a web design trend we hope stays around for a while.

Parallax design

Parallax scroll effects aren't something new; they have been in website design for years, but how designers use them has changed. Parallax effects are yet another way to give the consumer a sense of depth to websites on a 2D screen. While this isn't as flashy as using 3D visuals, it still gives your website something unique for users to consume. One mistake that beginners in website development can make is adding too many different parallax effects, which deters the important information on the website. By using a small area of the screen for parallax effects, you can still give the user an engaging experience without sacrificing any of the important content. Subtly using Parallax effects can also add some depth and animation without being glaringly obvious. You can see an example of that here; the text jumps in and out as you scroll, giving that seamless experience.

Interactive Storytelling

A website isn't just a space with information; it tells a story. Event websites will show and tell you about the acts and what you can expect, a site for a restaurant will tell you the story of the food and ambience in the restaurant itself. Apple does this incredibly well. By looking at their page for the iPhone 12 Pro, you can see everything about the phone in an interactive way that keeps you scrolling through. Building something similar to your website will help decrease the bounce rate while increasing the overall amount of time that people would spend on the website. The longer that the user is on your website, the more chance of a conversion. You don't need to build it to the same standard as Apple, but by creating a space for users to engage with your website in a new way that is different from the competition, you may start to see more traffic due to word of mouth, that's how we found out about the Apple page!

Customised cursors

When we talk about cursors, most people just think of that arrow that is always the standard when it comes to using a computer. Being able to take the cursor and customise it for the website, you are creating something different that can pique the interest of the user. The cursor is the gateway into a website. Once we click on a link and see a different cursor, it gives us a sense that something new and exciting is going to happen. Seeing a custom cursor then captures our attention and keeps us on the website to do more of a deep dive into the website to learn more. Customised cursors are quite often overlooked in website development; they shouldn't be. Anything can be used as a cursor; see how this company used a colourful cursor to make it more engaging. Think outside the box when designing your website to create the best experience you can.

Cartoon Illustrations

To create an engaging website, you need to have content and pictures that grab consumers' attention. Not too long ago, websites were mainly text broken up by a few images, but website design has come on leaps and bounds over the past few years, and the primary goal of websites now is to connect with the consumer in the best way possible. Using cartoon illustrations allows you to add some great graphics to the website as well as show more of a human element of the business. Don't think that you need to get a graphic designer to make all of them from scratch, you may need to for the odd one, but there are so many different places that you can source good illustrations from to make your website look the best that it can. Here’s a great example of this style in a user friendly design. 

The final verdict

Regardless of what industry you are in, 2021 is an exciting year for all of us. Through the constant growth that web development has had over the past few years, there are some exciting elements that you can now add to your website to give the user the best experience that you possibly can, which, in turn, will help those consumers convert into paying customers. The following year will bring about more excellent web development trends to help websites look even better and become even more interactive, we can’t wait to see them. Long may it continue!

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