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Schellinghout Totaalbouw

Client Briefing

The client approached us with a clear vision: they wanted a fresh redesign of their existing website and logo. Their goal was to retain their current services but appeal to a slightly upscale clientele.

Our Translation

Understanding the client's needs, we envisioned a brand identity that is both modern and timeless. We aimed for a design that resonates with the year 2023 - sleek, flat, and clean. Our focus was to strike a balance between sophistication and accessibility, ensuring that while the brand appeals to a higher segment, it remains welcoming to clients across all budget ranges.

What Did We Do?

Logo Redesign: Refined the brand's logo to a more contemporary version, adjusting the fonts to exude a modern yet slightly upscale feel.

Content Writing: Upgraded the existing content to align better with the target audience, ensuring it speaks to both high-end clients and those on a tighter budget.

Custom Website Design: Crafted a clean, modern website layout with tailored functionalities.

Custom Themes & Gutenberg Blocks: Enabled the client with the flexibility to modify every piece of content effortlessly.

Portfolio Management System: Implemented a user-friendly system allowing the client to seamlessly add or remove portfolio items.

Font Updates: Introduced modern fonts on the website, enhancing its overall aesthetic appeal.

Website Maintenance: Assured the client of a hassle-free digital presence by taking care of potential issues like downtime, data loss, security breaches, and more.

Client Testimonial

Main Stream Media is highly recommended! They listen attentively to our wishes, the process is thoughtfully executed, and the outcome is impressive. It's wonderful that we can make adjustments ourselves at any time without any additional costs, which is perfect for us.

Pieter Schellingerhout - Owner

End Result

Schellingerhout Totaalbouw portfolio
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