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Huur Een Douche

Client Briefing

"Huur een Douche" approached us with a specific vision for their brand's online presence. They desired a website that was not only modern and playful but also stood out distinctly in their niche. While they wanted a fresh look, it was crucial for them to retain their existing permalinks to preserve their SEO efforts.

Our Translation

We interpreted their needs as a call for a blend of modernity and professionalism. While the design had to be contemporary and engaging, the services should exude a premium feel, making them appear exclusive yet not entirely unattainable for the average customer.

What Did We Do?

Logo Vectorization: Updated their existing logo to a vector format, ensuring it aligns with today's design standards.

Website Structure Optimization: Enhanced the website's structure for better user experience, while meticulously preserving all permalinks to safeguard their SEO positioning.

Vector Animations: Introduced engaging vector animations to vividly illustrate their services.

Text Effects: Implemented dynamic text effects to capture user attention and enhance content readability.

Review Integration: Seamlessly integrated Google and Feedback Company reviews, providing social proof and building trust among potential customers.

Customizable Pricing Tables: Designed adaptable pricing tables, allowing the client to easily update their service offerings.

Thematic Design: Infused the entire website with a "shower services" ambiance, ensuring every element resonated with the brand's core offering.

Maintenance Plan: "Huur een Douche" is also enrolled in our comprehensive maintenance plan, ensuring their website remains updated, secure, and functioning optimally at all times.

Client Testimonial

As a starting entrepreneur, it was incredibly nice for me to have been able to realize my website with Main Stream Media. Besides being friendly, they are especially understanding and very helpful. I regularly receive compliments about my website, so they are definitely highly recommended!

Loek van Hijningen - Owner at Huur Een Douche

End Result

Huur een douche portfolio
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