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Go Do It

Client Briefing

"Go Do It" is an innovative mentoring platform with a mission to empower individuals to pursue their dreams. As they embarked on their pilot phase, they required a comprehensive brand identity that would resonate with their target audience: young, ambitious individuals eager to achieve their goals.

Our Translation

Understanding the essence of "Go Do It", we envisioned a brand that is both professional and playful. The platform needed to inspire trust and credibility while also being approachable and relatable to the younger demographic. The brand had to be versatile, reflecting the dynamic nature of dreams and aspirations. Given that they were in the pilot phase, a concise yet impactful onepager website was deemed ideal.

What Did We Do?

Logo Design: Crafted a unique logo that encapsulates the spirit of "Go Do It" and its mission.

Brand Identity: Established a cohesive brand identity that strikes a balance between professionalism and fun.

Mascot Creation: Introduced "Dowie", a mascot that adds a touch of playfulness and becomes a recognizable symbol for the brand.

Onepager Website Design & Development: Built a responsive onepager website tailored to the needs of "Go Do It", ensuring it's both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Content Management System: Implemented a system allowing for easy adjustments of content, as well as adding, removing, or changing mentor profiles.

Conditional Logic Form: Designed a form with conditional logic to cater to the specific needs of each individual user.

Content Writing & Translation: Penned down the website's content, ensuring it speaks to the brand's audience, and translated it to cater to both Dutch and English-speaking users.

Full Branding: Delivered a complete branding package, ensuring consistency across all touchpoints.

Client Testimonial

Working with Main Stream Media was wonderful. This company has a deep knowledge of business solutions and they know how to implement this in their websites. Thanks to Mainstream media my company is lifted to a higher level. Main stream Media delivered a great website, logo and a commercial and they thought along with me about my future businessmodel. I highly recommend this company to everyone.

Floris ten Duis - Founder at Go Do It

End Result

Go do it portfolio
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