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At Main Stream Media we design websites for all niches. Whether you are a big corporate, a small family business or foundation, we’ve got you covered. Since every company or brand has different needs, call-to-actions and its own style, we never use templates. All the websites we design, we design from scratch, with your end goals and identity in mind.

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We could try to impress you with all kinds of data, fancy (technical) terms and researches, but that’s not why you are here. We assume that you are here because you are in need of a clean, professional, fast & responsive website for your brand or company. Here’s how we do it...


Get the site that’s right for you.

To make sure you will end up with a design that matches your brand identity, conversion goals and vision, we start the process with an online debriefing. Together with your designer you will go through all of your ideas, existing artwork (logo’s, style guides, possible old web content etc.) and company goals.


We guide you through the process.

After we understand the needs for your website, we guide you through the process of providing us the right content in the right file formats. From experience we’ve learned that this process is usually trickier than people expect. Good guidance from our end makes sure this process runs smoothly.


You’re involved at all stages.

During the design process we will keep you in the loop at all time. Within every step of the way we schedule feedback moments to make sure we still have the same end goals in mind and that you are satisfied with the design.


We handle the site migration.

Once the website design is done we will make sure that your website will be transferred from our developer’s environment to your own domain. Before we start this process we will discuss matters such as; old website back-ups, updates, maintenance and back-end features.

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