What is
our Story?

Our story began in 2016, way before the company became Main Stream Media OÜ. For about 5 years it operated as an all-round media company called; Green Artworks. While Green Artworks was based in The Netherlands, Main Stream Media OÜ was setup in Estonia due to its innovative digital entrepreneurship structure. So who are we today?

We Focus on Website Design.

This may sound straight forward, but it hasn’t always been the case. When the company started, its main focus was videography (though it also offered website design). Due to a huge increase in website design requests, and the start of the pandemic, Main Stream Media decided to make website design its focus. And with success! Since the beginning of 2021 the company designed many websites for happy customers and started working together closely with the Canadian based company WP Expert.
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Time to go Main Stream.

Both Green Artworks and Main Stream Media were founded by Kevin van Geffen, who has always had a passion for visual design. During his Bachelor study of Communication and Multimedia Design, he learned how to channel this passion into a more structured way for his online business. After his job as an Editor & Director at Talpa Network, and happily running Green Artworks for 5 years, it was time for the next step; Main Stream Media.

At this company we have one giant motivator; we love to design! We love creating new, innovative, user friendly designs for all of our customers. Contact us today to see how we can add our flavor to your brand and turn you into one of our happy customers.

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